Fun Challenges To Do When You're Bored

Challenges are a cornerstone of childhood, especially if you grew up with sibling rivalry. Now I'll be honest, I was the kid that never liked to compete, I was scared of losing and coming in last. It actually took me a long time to burst out of my "shell", so to speak.

But the rivalry with my older brother pushed me to compete. Unlike me, he was the kid who wanted to come out on top and prove he was better at things than others. 

In this generation, it seems kids only seem to want to play video games and show off on social media, but challenging each other hasn't gone away.

Most kids still want to compete with each other, even at silly things. So why not facilitate some old-school vibes and put them through challenges that'll spark the killer instinct inside them? 

Here is my list of fun challenges! 

Young men playing basketball, challenge

Burp The Alphabet

Bring out the soda, boys, it's burping time! Now you can burp whatever you want, but the alphabet is a solid choice since you can keep track of how many burps someone can do in a row!

You guys can also experiment with the temperature of the sodas. I've found cold soda makes me burp more, but that could just be a placebo effect. You guys don't have to burp the alphabet either! Get creative with different phrases, I'm sure some sounds are harder to burp than others if you want to increase the difficulty.

Group of friends laughing


If you don't know how to play HORSE, it's best explained with basketball. It's First Player's turn. He dribbles the ball through his legs three times then performs a layup. If he makes the shot, Second Player has to perform the same circuit of moves and make the layup too. If he misses, he gets the H of HORSE. First player to get all five letters of HORSE LOSES! 

The rules are easy enough, right? 

This challenge can be played with basketball, skateboarding, whatever you guys can think of!

Young man doing a skateboard trick, playing HORSE, challenge

Hang A Spoon On Your Nose

This challenge is super simple and won't last long, but that's all right. What really matters is... can you hang a spoon on your nose??? See which one of you have this natural ability and which ones will succumb to failure and Google how to do it. 

Wooden spoons of different sizes

Breath Holding Contest

This challenge is best done while you guys are in the pool, but anywhere is (obviously) fine. Or you can be old-school and pay homage to Jet Li's The Enforcer scene where Jet Li and his son dunk their faces in bowls of water. 

Don't ramp up the intensity of this challenge too much though! Best to err on the safe side and make sure no one passes out :P

People in a washing well, water

Who Can Cross Their Eyes?

Can you cross your eyes on command? Or are you the guy who thinks he's crossing his eyes, but really only looking down like a goofball? 

Best to keep your phones around for this challenge just in case you need to snap a picture to prove your friend isn't crossing his eyes. 

Trust me, you might have to.

Funny woman using hands as mask, eyes

Who's The Best Whistler? 

Oh boy, here's another confession: I'm not a good whistler. I can only do maybe... five pitches? And when I try to whistle a song, the cops roll by and say I'm "disturbing the peace". Well I'm sorry Mrs. "Officer", but I'm bad at it. 

So this challenge I would definitely lose, but will you?? Which one of you has the most range in terms of whistling? Who can whistle the longest? The loudest? 

Oh and the interesting part of this challenge is you'll realize some of you might be whistling using different methods! For example, I whistle by blowing air out, but my older brother whistles through inhaling O.O

Baseball coach whistling

Yeah Boiiii Challenge!

Is there a hypeman in your squad? If not, have a contest to see which one of you can yell out "Yeah Boi" the longest. 

Be sure to do this challenge during the day so as not to upset your neighbors, since y'all will get quite loud! 

Angry man yelling Yea Boi

Can You Snap Your Fingers?

It took me a lot of practice before I could snap my fingers. Yep. I was the kid who didn't know how to whistle or snap his fingers until around... 7th or 8th grade? I yam who I yam, no regerts. 

So can all of you snap your fingers? Okay well who snaps the loudest? Who can snap the fastest (think of Drum Line)?

Friends touching their fingers together to make a star

Can You Lick Your Elbow? 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's rare for a person to be able to lick their elbows, right? This challenge will be shortlived whether your group has a freak of nature or if you're just a bunch of normies, but it's fun to find out, right? 

This challenge can extend to another challenge: Who's the most flexible? Try out different stretches, just be careful when it comes to the splits.

Young woman stretching, fitness, flexible challenge

Who Can Build A Proper House Of Cards?

Pull out the deck of cards, my dudes, it's time to build the most fragile structure known to man: my ego -- nah I'm kidding! Just jokes, folks. 

But seriously, who can build a house of cards that actually stands on its own? If all of you can build a proper house of cards, then extend this challenge to: Who can build the tallest house of cards? 

Note: The Netflix show House of Cards is not suitable for children.

Deck of cards, house of cards challenge

Floor Is Lava! 

The floor is suddenly lava and you have to get to the kitchen lest you STARVE! Will you perish to the liquid hot magma or will you utilize your creativity and adapt to the sudden global warming? 

Make it a proper challenge by making it into a race to see who can reach the other side of the house without touching the ground! Or better yet, fight like gladiators and try to make the other person fall into the pit of fire! 

If you do go the gladiator route, it wouldn't hurt to wear a helmet ._.

Spout of lava, floor is lava challenge,

Foot Race

Speaking of races, y'all can keep it simple and challenge each other to foot races. This one is probably better done on the street or in the backyard. 

So which one of you is the fastest? Who's the best sprinter? Who's better at endurance? And last but not least, who can carry the most weight?? Strongman style! 

Include the adults and make some monetary bets ;D

Sprinters, runners, foot race, racing

Push-up Challenge

This suddenly became very militant, so soldier up! 

Who can do the most push-ups in a row? Is your group made up of a bunch of studmuffins and meatheads? Increase the challenge by adding weight to your backs! And better yet, do different variations of the push-up, in particular the diamond push-up.

Good luck, challengers!

Young man doing a push-up challenge

Don't Drop The Ball

It's all right if push-ups are more of a torture than anything else because I have a classic challenge for you guys. And guess what? It's cooperative!

Toss the ball and see how long before you guys drop it! Just like that episode of  Friends! Remember? Oh don't be such a Rachel (Ha Ha reference!) 

Increase the challenge ten fold by having to toss the ball while you guys go about your business. Food arrived and y'all are hungry? Toss the ball while you eat. Do the dishes while you toss the ball! You can't stop even if one of you needs to use the bathroom!

Just be sure that guy uses the same hand to toss the ball.

Football player scoring a touchdown, don't drop the ball challenge

Jog In Place

This is a good challenge for a rainy day and you guys are feeling restless and energetic. 

Remember to use proper form when jogging in place. Instead of kicking your feet up to your butt, lift your knees instead, almost like you're marching in place! 

Here's a quick video showing you: Youtube Link

So who can jog in place the longest? To extend this challenge, combine jogging in place with something else! For example, jog in place for 30 seconds, perform a tongue twister right after, then build a house of cards that is at least 5 cards tall! 

And if you combine jogging in place with the push-up challenge, you got yourself a simple workout routine you can do everyday! 

Man stretching, fitness challenge

Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisters Turn The Toughest Tongues Into Toilet -- Okay I'm not the best at coming up with tongue twisters, but I'm not that kind of writer! Dear lord, I can't even write good poetry. 

Luckily there's tons of tongue twisters roaming wild on the internet! Here are some good ones to get you guys started: 
  • Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers? If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?
  • Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?
  • If two witches would watch two watches, which witch would watch which watch?
  • Betty Botter had some butter, “But,” she said, “this butter's bitter. If I bake this bitter butter, it would make my batter bitter. But a bit of better butter – that would make my batter better.” So she bought a bit of butter, better than her bitter butter, and she baked it in her batter, and the batter was not bitter. So 'twas better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter.

Oh boy, I forgot how much I love tongue twisters! 


Let me ask you a question, young padawan.

If the more you take, the more you leave behind, what are you? Take your time. No Googling! Don't know the answer?

You would be: Footsteps!

Man that challenge was fun, but pretty easy. Step it up with more difficult riddles! Be sure to extend this challenge by coming up with your own original riddles, though this will prove much more difficult than it might seem.

Lightbulb on chalkboard

Spelling Contest

Okay this challenge is probably the most useful for kids, tied with the exercise challenges at least! 

Which one of you can spell like the Dickens? No seriously, Charles Dickens, not to be confused with that Devil character (reference for you etymology nerds out there!)

So who's the best speller? Be sure to enroll in your school's spelling bee contests if you have a knack for words! You might also find a hidden talent for writing within you, but you need not be the best speller to become a writer :)

Scrabble tiles in pile, letters

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Okay in this day and age, if you're gonna write a list of challenges, the "Try Not To Laugh Challenge" just has to show up at some point. This one is simple. Find a funny video on Youtube and you and your group are not allowed to laugh at any point!

Whoever has the best poker face wins OuO 

Get started with this challenge by finding an appropriate video for your group! Youtube link

Woman laughing in group, don't laugh challenge

Speed Eating

This is a fun one! 

My little brother and I planned on doing this before, but never got around to it. We were gonna have a speed eating contest on who can eat 100 chicken nuggets the fastest. We're both big boys, but we decided to save it for another day. It's been at least six years since then, so don't be like us!

Buy the food you guys agree to stuff your faces with and get your stop watches ready! To extend this challenge, buy either cold food like ice cream or spicy food (muy picante!) like spicy hot wings! 

Be careful of eating too fast and choking though, okay? Speaking of eating challenges, don't do the cinnamon challenge, lots of people have gone to the hospital because of it. Avoid, it's not worth it.

Woman eating french fries, food challenge

The Whisper Challenge

Another internet sensation, the Whisper Challenge!

Okay so if you don't know what this is, one person wears headphones with loud music playing while another person reads a phrase out loud. The person wearing headphones has to guess what the other person has said, so it's important the two challengers are facing each other! 

Note: There's no need to blare the music the highest it can go, that's a quick way to get tinnitus! 

To make this challenge even more entertaining, do it with more than two players so there's an audience! Crank up the laugh factor by coming up with funny phrases to say.

Three monkey figurines, see no evil hear no evil speak no evil

Blind Taste Test!

This challenge requires some preparation of gathering lots of foods for the contestants to try, but don't let that stop you! Make a day of it instead -- it can even be part of dinner, right? All that food lying around shouldn't go to waste, after all.

My recommendation for this challenge is to not keep the food simple. If you feed someone ketchup, they're going to know it's ketchup! And if you feed someone a hot dog in a bun, the shape alone will give it away, not that a hot dog by itself would be a hard guess!

Man slicing pizza, food taste challenge

Pepsi vs. Coke Challenge

This challenge is self-explanatory, but at least it's faster than the blind taste test challenge since... well you guys only need to buy soda! 

Buy a couple liters of each brand or buy double that amount and do two tests: cold soda and warm soda! 

It doesn't have to be just Pepsi vs Coke by the way, it can also be Sprite vs Mountain Dew and any other flavors. Why stop at flavors and do name brand vs off brand? Get as creative as you can with this challenge, but don't fall into the rabbit hole of debating which brands are better! People are really passionate about soda...

Note: This challenge can also be done with food! Pizza is an excellent choice for this!

Taste test challenge, soda taste test challenge

Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

This is a fun one to do with kids, but teenagers and adults will get a kick out of it too. Okay simple rules, the challengers are blindfolded and given a piece of paper and a pencil.

The judge will tell them what to draw and the challengers draw it blindfolded (obviously). Extend this challenge by giving them a time limit like one minute per sketch!

Of course the judge will decide which drawings are the best. Give the challenges the best of five rounds, so the first to three wins, then rotate the challengers and judge!

This one might prove who is the most artistically gifted of the bunch ;]

Man drawing in a sketchbook, drawing blind challenge

Water Bottle Flip Challenge

Did you see this one coming? 
Did you predict it would be the last one?

This is probably the greatest challenge because of its simplicity, the fact that you need only a water bottle and a bit of water inside it, and a bunch of your family or friends to hype it up when you succeed!

This is also a fun challenge to do with a group. Can you guys all flip the bottle and have it land on its butt? Can you guys do it consistently??

Increase the difficulty by adding in more rules! For example: Don't just flip the bottle on the table, flip the bottle from across the room. Bounce the bottle off the wall and have it land on the end table. Even play HORSE with the water bottle flip challenge!

Huge collection of water bottles, plastic, water bottle flip challenge

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Thanks for reading my list!

I hope it gave you guys some great ideas and sparked some creativity :) Good luck on the challenges and be sure to return soon!